The fairy tale began 50 years ago with an Italian flavour.

The legend of Margaret River began nearly 50 years ago, when Italian immigrants planted the seeds to the first vineyard in the South West region, to supply themselves and other Italian families with the quality table wine they missed so terribly. The princess was born.

The hard working Italians were assisted in the late 1960s by science agronomist Dr John Gladstone and viticulturist Professor Harold Olmo who both foresaw the regions great potential for viticulture, with its climate and soil being comparable to Burgundy in France.

As fate would have it, this was “just the medicine” the burgeoning wine industry needed and shortly a small group of wine-loving Perth doctors followed his advice and established the first Margaret River vineyards. As time progressed the vines aged and new vineyards and wineries began to appear; Margaret River was maturing. The glamorous young wine princess was on her way to becoming the Australian Queen of premium wine regions, winning acclaim around the world for her outstanding ‘fruit driven’ varietals including Australia’s finest cabernet and chardonnay; along with quintessential blends like Semillon Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet Merlot.