Let's Start With a Bit of Trivia!

A mythical Margaret River ‘wolf’ was not the inspiration for the Howling Wolves name. Rather, it was the founders’ love of American ‘Blues’ music, in particular their all time “hall of fame” favourite, the legendary Chester Burnett - aka “Howlin’ Wolf”. So, in August 2004 while listening to a howler of a version of “The Wolf is at your door” the ‘Howling Wolf’ brand was born - to be changed later that year to ‘Howling Wolves’, after discovering a tiny appellation called Wolfe in Germany, that disallowed the use of the great man’s moniker. But we all remember ‘the Wolf’ and lift a glass to Chester every time we open a bottle of our finest, first named in his honour. Now, in our 10th anniversary year, the Wolves are about to howl at Rivendell Estate and there’ll be a picture of Howlin’ hanging in pride of place in the Cellar Door.