March 01, 2019

Margaret River: Geography, Climate and Soils

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MARGARET RIVER’S CLIMATE IS CATEGORISED AS ‘WEST COAST MEDITERRANEAN’ WITH ITS MAIN FEATURE BEING MILD, WET WINTERS AND WARM, DRY SUMMERS. AVERAGE ANNUAL RAINFALL IS 1190MM, ALTHOUGH THE TOTAL FOR DECEMBER, JANUARY, AND FEBRUARY AVERAGES ONLY 48MM. HEAT SUMMATION IN DEGREE-DAYS IS 1,597 COMPARED WITH BORDEAUX’S RATING OF 1,463. The very stable maritime climate of the Margaret River region with prevailing weather directly from the Indian Ocean provides local vineyards with an exceptional situation. What should be emphasised is the special environment of the stretch of land from Cape to Cape. It suffers at times from intense southerly low-pressure systems, […]